Do You Celebrate Milestones on Steem?

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Yesterday, I made it pass 1,600 followers and I had to go all out about it with [this post] because it has not been easy to accumulate followers since the implementation of Hard fork 20.

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By celebrating a milestone, I mean putting a post to announce that you have reached a milestone on Steem.

I know a few milestones that many Steemians do celebrate. These are;

  1. Follower Milestone: achieving a certain amount of Followers on Steem.

  2. Steem Power milestone: having a certain amount of SP, celebrating reaching a minnow, dolphin etc.

  3. Anniversary milestone: being on Steem for 1 year, 2 years etc.

  4. Reputation milestone: achieving a certain number as reputation score.

  5. Post milestone: putting a certain amount of posts on the blockchain.

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@akomoajong 08/01/2018

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