Follow Up Post: How many accounts are you following on Steem?

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Hello there,

Yesterday, I created this poll which is aimed at analysing the number of Steem accounts following fellow Steemian and dpollers.

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Today, I decided to follow up yesterday's post by reversing the question to;

How many accounts are you following on Steem?

I'm aware that active accounts do not follow randomly like bots and spam accounts. So, the suggestions of the range will be different.

Follow the link at the end of this post or simply click here to vote on the poll.

written by @akomoajong with love for dpoll and support from @shortcut @bleepcoin @leeuw @jennimorillo @neoxian

Thank you for your time!

@akomoajong 09/01/2019

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301 to 500 (14.29%) 1 / 7
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501 to 1000 (14.29%) 1 / 7
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