Is this a Good Decision at All?

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My main goal on Steem right now is to grow my Steem Power. For some time now, I have been thinking about which payout reward setting is best for this goal.

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50% Steem Power and 50% SBD or simply 100% powerup?

I had all my posts on 100% power up but I just updated my settings to 100% power up for both posts and comments.


I am not sure if this decision is the best or most profitable at the moment.

I could settle for 50% SP and 50% SBD then later exchange the SBD for Steem and power it up. This could end up yielding more or less Steem Power compared to the amount I could get immediately from my post payouts.

So, what do my fellow dpollers and Steemians think about this decision? Is it a good one at all.

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PS. If you would wish to further clarify me and many others (I believe) on how it works on deciding which payout setting is the part at a particular time, you can do so by commenting on this post in which I have added a small Steem-bounty to reward sensible comments.

Thank you for your time!

@akomoajong 31/01/19

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I prefer you have it 50% SP and 50% SBD (83.33%) 5 / 6
83.33% Complete (success)
It's good at 100% Power up (16.67%) 1 / 6
16.67% Complete (success)

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