Poll Post: Do You Often Check Your Rankings on Steem?

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In the past, I used to check my rankings on steemwhales.com but the website became unreliable and finally went down.

Nowadays, we have @steemitboard by @arcange providing the same service and you can sort your rankings across all Steem accounts.

>You can also sort the ranking by Posts, Comments, Replies, Upvotes, Upvoted, Payout and VESTS (Steem Power).

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Check out this official announcement post for information on how to go about it if you had no idea.

For this poll, I am interested in knowing if you often check your rankings.

Vote at dpoll.xyz click here to do so.

Thank you for your time!


@akomoajong 06/02/2019

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I do check my rankings once in a while (58.33%) 7 / 12
58.33% Complete (success)
Yes, I often check my rankings (33.33%) 4 / 12
33.33% Complete (success)
No, I care less about my rankings (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)

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