Why are you holding Liquid SBD/Steem?

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Hello, Happy New year

I am just curious to know why steemians hold liquid Steem/SBD in their wallets.

>SBD/Steem should mean SBD and/or Steem.


Personally, I am holding to some liquid Steem and will participate in this poll as well!

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I hold small amounts just to able to do some transactions on the blockchain (55.56%) 5 / 9
55.56% Complete (success)
To sell whenever prices are up! (22.22%) 2 / 9
22.22% Complete (success)
I simply power up everything. So, I am not holding liquid Steem/SBD (11.11%) 1 / 9
11.11% Complete (success)
I have no reason at all (11.11%) 1 / 9
11.11% Complete (success)

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