Your favourite contest prizes? ... with SBI shares for answering

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#MeatyMondays trial a success!

Thank YOU to each and every one of you that participated in my #MeatyMondays weekly contests over the last 2 or so months. The trial has shown potential, and Jimmy's Sauces has agreed to put in some more fiat so that I can buy STEEM and reward you for another 3 months. \m/

The question is thus:

From March onwards a new round of contests will begin and I would like to know from you what you would like to see as prizes in the weekly contest.

Currently I give 5 x @IncinBoost shares to the 1st 5 that enter, and 7 x @SteemBasicIncome shares to 7 random entries, as well as that Jimmy's Sauces Hamper. image courtesy of @joanstewart, a previous winner

The Jimmy's Sauces hamper is a certainty... but I'm a big fan of @SteemMonsters, and I'm thinking of throwing in a few cards (or maybe a booster/starter pack voucher) every week instead... Yes/No?

5 SBI shares given away to 5 random voters... i.e. there's no right or wrong answer... I just want your opinion

Please Resteem

The more answers I get the more likely the contest will appeal to more participants, and more participants = more interest from real-world sponsors = more rewards for YOU.

As per the #ContestKings credo though: NO Upvotes or Resteems are required to win the SBI shares... do that only if you are feeling generous today :P

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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SBD/STEEM (25.0%) 23 / 92
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SteemMonsters Cards (15.22%) 14 / 92
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IncinBoost shares (8.7%) 8 / 92
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