dPollXmas2018 #2: What is your tradition before Christmas?

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Today marks the first Advent. Time to reflect the past year and light a candle. And to look forward. So, what tradition do you follow during Advent time? Lighting a candle every Sunday? Opening a door in a calendar every day? Or something completely different?

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For further questions, join our discord: https://discord.gg/mytAu4n And read the introduction here: https://steemit.com/dpoll/@isnochys/dpoll-christmas-2018-badge

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Other (53.33%) 8 / 15
53.33% Complete (success)
Lighting candles and opening doors (26.67%) 4 / 15
26.67% Complete (success)
Lighting candles every Sunday (20.0%) 3 / 15
20.0% Complete (success)

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