Daily Giveaway:- 1 SM Card (Earth Elemental) / 1 SBI share & Winner Announcement April 15

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Dear Steemians wishing you a beautiful day. Today i am posting another giveaway post for some fun and engagement with steemit community. I hope you like and participate in it.

Note: If you have been constantly commenting for 30 days and you did not get the reward tell me in comment, I will send you 1 sbi share. Make sure you have 30 comments in a row for 30 days. Good Luck.

First of all i am announcing the winner of my previous contest


The Winner is @acidmaster Congratulations @acidmaster for winning sbi share (sbi share sent)


Today i am Giving away a rare steemmonsters card (Earth Elemental) and sbi share. Winner will be announced in my next giveaway post (approx in 23-30 hours)

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So Lets Start only you have to pick an answer by clicking dpoll.xyz

upvotes, resteems, and follows are not required


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i want sbi share (84.31%) 43 / 51
84.31% Complete (success)
i want SM card (Earth Elemental) (15.69%) 8 / 51
15.69% Complete (success)

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