Can you directly withdraw/exchange crypto into your local/ native currency?

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People around the world is contributing on steemit, treading or exchanging different crypto currency. But there is still not enough legal services available everywhere to exchange crypto in to their own currency.

For me I have to first convert crypto in to USD then USD in to my local currency. Or have to sell my steem locally. There is no legal sites where I can get better value for SBD. And people who trade crypto have to face difficulty to convert it in to their local currency. Though there are many private sites who provide the services but their charge is very high and they have low reputation.

I think it's a great advantage if you could convert crypto directly in to your local currency. As you will get better value and don't have to face trust issues. My question is can you do that in your country?

Thanks in advance for your response. @rem-steem

**Stay Blessed. Keep steeming.

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