Did you take any amount of 'steem power' in rents?

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Steem power renting can be useful to boost up your own steem power and vote value. But you have to provide a certain amount of steems to get it. The power will automatically goes from you after the renting period is over. But you will never get back your steem.

I was experimenting on this and rent 1000 steem power with 40 steem for one month. My sp gone high and also the voting power. But after one month I am like down on the ground with low vote value. It feels like I lost my steem for no reason.

This is my personal opinion, I am not here to judge you. It's every person's personal choice how they choose to play the game!

So my question is did you ever take sp as a rent?

Thanks in advance for your response. @rem-steem

**Stay Blessed. Keep Steeming.

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