How do you feel when you see any native language except English on steemit?

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SteemitSteemitSteemitSteemitSteemitSteemitSteemitSteemit is a vast community and there are different sub communities based on language or regions too. Many people used to post or comment on their community member's post on their native language. I also use different language as my primary one and English is my second language. But as I don't know other languages like Spanish or Malay, so there is no way I can get their Post or comments. I am not sure what's your take on this but I think as steemit is a vast community so for general use like posting and commenting we should prefer English. There's another great option if we can useuse translation under our post. We can use our native language on discord, but here on steemit as we have a huge audience so English should be the principal language. You can gain more international audience or followers in this way. What's your thoughts on this?

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I see nothing wrong in this, using native language is okay (55.56%) 5 / 9
55.56% Complete (success)
I have a moderate thought, it's their choices (44.44%) 4 / 9
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