How do you use your voting power?

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People use steemit for different purposes. So their goal and process does not match with each other. Some uses all their voting power on self-voting, some used to curate good amount a day. And the others try to balance between self-voting and curating. There is nothing wrong in self-voting I believe. But curating good contents is also necessary to appreciate others efforts. Many people think that it is not their responsibility to help other. And others spend most of their voting power in curation. It's their choice. There are some dapps like steemhunt which needs to cutare others to get a good user rank. I love that idea. But yeah, we all have different perspectives and I really respect that. But I can say, as I see steemit as a community so curation is a nice thing. I am not sure what's your take on this. I am interested to know how do you use your voting power on steemit.

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I use most of my voting power on curating (50.0%) 5 / 10
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I try to balance between self-voting and curating (50.0%) 5 / 10
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