What's your favorite excuse to keep away from people?

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We all make excuses in some points of our life to avoid people. And I'm not an exception. Making excuses, sitting on the couch and do nothing is some people's favorite thing. I'm not that extreme. But sometimes I feel like not make any public interaction or even with my friends and spend some 'me' time. In this situations, giving any suitable excuses also need some creativity. The most common thing is like saying you are busy. But sometimes it doesn't work. Coz people know very much about you. So what do you make up in this cases?

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You are busy right now (44.44%) 4 / 9
44.44% Complete (success)
You don't make excuses, you love people (33.33%) 3 / 9
33.33% Complete (success)
Any other great excuses (22.22%) 2 / 9
22.22% Complete (success)

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