When you plan for something what do you expect or imagine about the out come?

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I always used to imagine the worst outcome of my plan. I don't want to break my heart by thinking something amazing will happen. Yeah deep inside I pray some good to happen. But I imagine something worse will happen and my plan would not work. It helps me to work hard and be in the right path. It also reduce my expectation level from others and make me self dependant. What's your take on this? When you plan for something do you imagine the worst possible situation or you are always an optimist?

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I pray for a good result but also give it a thought about how worse it could be (71.43%) 5 / 7
71.43% Complete (success)
I imagine the worst possible outcome (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)
I always imagine positive outcome (14.29%) 1 / 7
14.29% Complete (success)

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