Did you know that it's Bitcoin's 10th birthday today?

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On this day, exactly 10 years ago, the world took a massive leap forward as Bitcoin's genesis block was mined, starting a revolution that will soon take over the world. Deeming banks, exchanges, or any other middleman useless, is just the tip of this iceberg of radical change for the better that can potentially free society from the titans grip of slavery to the current monetary system and the rectangular pieces of paper we like to call fiat currency.

> January the third 2009, is the day when this revolution called blockchain technology was first introduced to the world.

This allowed us for the first time in recent history to actually own our money, instead of keeping it in the bank where it is not really our own, even though the digits on the screen imply so, it isn't. The money stored in a bank is actually banks money, not our own. The only thing that is ours, are the digits on the screen that represent our balance. The actual money is in the possession of the bank holding it. The bank handles it, invests it, sometimes even gambles with it and it can, at any time go bankrupt, thus vanishing the digits we thought was our money, while in fact it was only zeros and ones in the code representing the money we deposited in the bank.

Now, ten years later, there are thousands of other blockchains trying to solve specific problems of their centralized counterparts.

It's an exciting time we are living in and I feel that with blockchaint technology, we are going to make a huge leap forward, towards the future of exchanging value and the way we spend our time online.

The apps we are using today are taking all of the profits their userbase generates for themselves, while their decentralized clones, based on blockchain technology, share most of their profits with the driving force behind it.

Consequently, we are leaving the world of scarcity behind to enter the age of abundance where anyone can use a dapp to generate income.

Steem is leading the way in this revolution with dapps like @actifit, @dtube, @steemhunt, @steempress-io, @musing and many others that reward its users for the content they create.

None of this would be possible if it wasn't for Satoshi mining Bitcoin's genesis block thus, kickstarting this avalance of radical change that will eternally echo around the planet.


Jan 3, 2009 - The day that changed everything

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