Do you agree with the decision to ban @thedarkoverlord from Steemit?

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The Dark Overlord, or @thedarkoverlord on the Steem blockchain are a group of hackers which threatened to release 9/11 hacked litigation documents. After the victim began cooperating with law enforcement, TDO decided to leak these documents for in layers for payments in crypto.

They were banned from Reddit, Pastebin and Twitter so, they turned to Steemit for censorship resistance.

As promised, they released the first layer of 9/11 documents and continued posting normally on the Steem blockchain.

5 days and 13 posts later, they were banned from Steemit, causing a massive shitstorm amongst users who thought Steemit was censorship resistant.

Although, their content is still and will always be stored on the Steem blockchain, it has been removed from

### Is the ban justifiable?

What are your thoughts on this?

Let me know in the comment section down below.

#### Where to find @thedarkoverlord ? Their content can still be viewed on: *

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