How much did you spend on SteemMonsters so far?

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One game has taken over the entire blockchain and in the same time it has, very quickly, emptied the pockets of Monster Mavericks. Obviously, when the incentive is to win and rank high to get more rewards, people tend to go crazy on buying new cards to level up their monsters.

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I can't don't even know how much I spent tbh

I bought 200+ booster packs (most in the last bull run when Steem was much higher than it is now) and in the past couple months I bought countless cards I needed to level up my team.

A rough estimate estimate would be that I spent somewhere around 300-400 STEEM spent on SteemMonsters, so far.

The Addiction is Real and we can't stop spending our hard earned coins on Monsters!

New to SteemMonsters?

My how to on it will get you in the know about everything there is to get you started and ready for your first match!

To finish of on a positive note

Through selling the cards I got as season rewards for playing ranked matches I have managed to power up around 150 STEEM in the past few weeks. My success is mostly attributed to the low price of STEEM and the fact that on the Monster markets, cards are valued in USD. That opened a lot of room to make money on flipping cards and selling duplicates. There is a lot of room to play around and make some pretty nice profits, or at least to get back the money you spent on the game.

Like the one I did with Selenia. First I bought her a few months back for around 20 STEEM but a couple days ago I sold her for 55 STEEM.

So, all in all if I continue earning as much as I am right now, I might break even very soon. After that, anything I make is profit. Judging by my past results, I could be powering up around 100-200 STEEM every two weeks!

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