What is your view on Voting Clubs?

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A Voting Club is essentially a service that exchange votes of similar value between members.These services are automated and does so programmatically. The program looks for two people who have voting power available and let the two people vote for each other. The votes made will be of similar value, this is achieved by adjusting the voting power. (An example of such a voting club is the one as run by Steem Bounty. You can read more about it here: Steem Bounty )

For me this is almost the same as self-voting as what I give is what I receive. There is a difference though, if you voted for a high pay-out post, you might get better curation rewards.

In Voting Clubs you however don't have any control over what and who, you vote for. The people gets chosen arbitrarily by a program over which you have no control over. You thus end up voting for any content!!

What is your views on Voting Clubs?

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