All I Want For Xmas Is?

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We steemians are a diverse bunch that have users from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe, that come together in an attempt to cure boredom and maybe be the catalyst for the change we wish to see in the world. WHILE I REALISE not all of us celebrate Christmas or POSSIBLY really even identify with it, WE R ALL bloody well aware of what it is thanks to consumerism, capitalism, and marketing. SO being that part of human nature is desire and we r hardwired to our endogenous rewards system I figured twas the season to ask what do YOU WANT?

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For the world John Lennon described in Imagine where the world lives as one (25.0%) 3 / 12
25.0% Complete (success)
For Steem to moon šŸŒ (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
To be infused with nanotechnology and hybridized to AI so that I can become Immortal (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
Time off of work to enjoy friends and family (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
To be left alone to contemplate awareness and existence in a vacuum and blog about it (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
Some šŸŗ beer or coffee and a nice chat about life before computers (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
Sleep (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)

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