What is Your Favourite SteemIt Alternative to post on the STEEM Network?

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Hello everyone!

This post will serve a triple purpose:

1 - To let new users know there are alternative interfaces to SteemIt.com to post on the STEEM Network; 2 - To advertise some of the available alternatives; 3 - To check what are the favourite interfaces used by my followers;

Last week SteemIt made the news regarding the banning of The Dark Overlord's accounts from Facebook and Twiter. The group decided to post the same information on SteemIt.com.

On a sad but not unsurprising twist, @thedarkoverlord's account was banned from Steemit.com after just 3 days, thanks to @ned and all the other SteemIt.com owners, who keep dumping their STEEM on the Markets.

However, they cannot remove the information from the Blockchain itself. They can ban people from SteemIt.com but those people can keep using STEEM by other means, such as Busy.org, eSteem, Partiko, 1Ramp...

This case demonstrates that SteemIt.com is following the same political agenda as Facebook and Twitter, which goes against the main reason most of us joined Steem in the first place.


We wanted a platform free of censorship, where the community as a whole would be the only entity deciding what's valuable or not.

We don't want a private company (SteemIt Inc) controlling and dictating the rules here.

In my opinion, it's up to all of us to take the power back. @ned and other STEEM founders are selling their STEEM? Great, we will buy it and distribute the power among all the users.

You can't or don't want to buy STEEM? Don't worry. You can join the revolution, too, by using alternative interfaces to post your content.


I'll leave a few links here to the SteemIt.com alternatives I know about:

  • Busy: Very slick and cool Web Based alternative;
  • SteemPeak: Another Web Based alternative;
  • Steeve: Yet another Web Based alternative which ranks posts discounting Bot votes;
  • 1Ramp: Alternative available for Android and Web Browser;
  • eSteem: Native app, available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux;
  • Partiko: Mobile app, available for iOS and Android;
  • NTopaz: Web Based alternative for Artists;
  • TripSteem: Web Based alternative for Travellers;
  • DTube: Web Based YouTube alternative for the STEEM Network;
  • DSound: Web Based alternative for Musicians, Poets, PodCasters...;
  • SteepShot: Alternative for Photography available for iOS, Android and Web Browser;
  • Tasteem: Web Based alternative for sharing restaurant reviews on the STEEM Network;
  • Let's Eat: Android App for sharing restaurant reviews on the STEEM Network;
  • DPoll: Web Based alternative for creating Polls on the STEEM Network;
  • Musing: Web Based alternative for Making and Answering Questions on the STEEM Network;
  • SteemHunt: Web Based alternative for Finding and Ranking New Products on the STEEM Network;
  • Fundition: Crowdfunding and collaboration platform on the STEEM Network;
  • SteemPress: WordPress plugin that connects any blog to the STEEM Network;
  • DLike: Share any URL to the STEEM Network;
  • ActiFit: Share your daily activity and exercise through iOS and Android;

To check out more STEEM based projects head to State of The ÐApps.

To conclude, I believe we need to disconnect the SteemIt.com interface and SteemIt Inc Corporation from the STEEM Network. That will require a bit of effort from all of us, but I believe we can do it.


Now... for the Poll. What is your favourite alternative to SteemIt.com?

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Partiko (37.04%) 10 / 27
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Busy (14.81%) 4 / 27
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DPoll (14.81%) 4 / 27
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SteemPeak (7.41%) 2 / 27
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eSteem (7.41%) 2 / 27
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DTube (7.41%) 2 / 27
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1Ramp (3.7%) 1 / 27
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Musing (3.7%) 1 / 27
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SteemPress (3.7%) 1 / 27
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