What is your main reason for still being active on the Steem blockchain?

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The value of STEEM coins are really low these days, and we have many fewer active accounts compared to when the value of STEEM was much higher. So instead of asking why these people have left, let me rather ask you why you are still here.

This post is a poll posted at dpoll.xyz, so those of you who see this post from my feed will need to head over to that website to cast your vote.

I tried to include most of the common reasons I could think of below, so please let me know why you are still active here on the Steem blockchain.

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The belief in the technology behind a blockchain-based social arena (27.78%) 5 / 18
27.78% Complete (success)
To accumulate coins when the markets are down (22.22%) 4 / 18
22.22% Complete (success)
Staying for the community (22.22%) 4 / 18
22.22% Complete (success)
The different DApps are fun to use (Steem Monsters, dPoll, Musing, dLike etc.) (11.11%) 2 / 18
11.11% Complete (success)
Other / multiple reasons (please elaborate) (11.11%) 2 / 18
11.11% Complete (success)
Just don't have anywhere else to go with my blog (5.56%) 1 / 18
5.56% Complete (success)

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