At What Price Will You Be Selling Your HUNT Tokens

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Currently you get 19.59 HUNT Tokens per STU. The rewards shown on STEEM interfaces are in STU and not in USD. The value of STU will go up/down based on the value of SBD. When SBD is at $1 STU will be worth exactly 1 USD. You can read more about this here.

At the current prices HUNT Tokens are valued slightly less than 5 cents. It will take few months before you can trade ans see the current prices as a low liquidity market rate. With Review Hunt about to be released soon I'm 100% sure that these prices will increase. My question is when will you sell off everything? Nothing goes up forever. The market goes through a correction after some gains like every analyst will tell you. For STEEM this was close to $7 and for BTC it was $20K. What will it be for HUNT Token?

In case you don't know much about @steemhunt check out my post on why I think it is "The Best Place To Post For A 15 SP Account"

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