Is Affirmative Action Anti-Asian Racism?

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When it comes to practice this is an objectively verifiable fact. It simply favors African American population at the expense of Asians. The Asian population is almost as half as big as African American population. Yet there is almost no representation or talk about Asians. I'm not asking for more identity politics in the name of Asians. I actually want little to no talk about race and keep things t the individual level evaluating each according to their own merits.

Here is a video with a bit of history:

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I Don't Think It Was The Original Intention. It's Just Nobody Bothered To Change Things When They Were Going In The Wrong Direction (66.67%) 4 / 6
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Yes. It's Sugarcoated Racism (16.67%) 1 / 6
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It's A Conspiracy Against Asians (16.67%) 1 / 6
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