What Are Your Thoughts On The Population Crisis?

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I initially thought of making this poll after watching the following video essay:


Personally I've always dismissed these population crisis concerns as non-issues as most of them are revolving around petty things such as getting enough young people in the system to pay for the old people's pension or some demographic war and some economic impact regarding demographic changes.

One thing I have to add is that the amount of human beings the Earth can handle will actually vary based on the quality of human beings themselves. A bunch of stealing commies could ruin a great place to a slum in a few years and the story of places like Singapore are great counterpoints that show how capitalism and trade can turn a tiny patch of land with no resources (not even enough food & water) into a prosperous nation


Additionally I'd like to add these two videos to the discussion:

https://youtu.be/YwZ0ZUy7P3E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agEdci5zEWo

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It's Not A problem. Nature Will Take Care Of Itself (60.0%) 6 / 10
60.0% Complete (success)
We Already Have Too Many Humans And No Natural Predators - Lower Population Is Better (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)
I Think Idiocracy Scenario Will Be Prevented And More Smarter And Capable Individuals Will Be Born. (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)
I Don't Care About Any Of This (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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