Would You Rather Have The Greatest Best #1 Thing or Something 10% Worse 10 Times Frequently?

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This is a very interesting and revealing question I came across and I'm typing as soon as I came up with it. The question applies to everything in your life. This is a poll about quality and not quantity. So don't drag numbers like getting $1000 every 10 days vs $900 everyday.

Instead imagine something like having the greatest absolute best sex possible every 10 days vs having something 90% as good every single day.

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I'll Settle For The Greatest. It Would Mean That I've Reached The Highest Peak Even If I Get It Less Frequently (57.14%) 4 / 7
57.14% Complete (success)
90% Of The Greatest Is Still Pretty Great. I'll Settle (42.86%) 3 / 7
42.86% Complete (success)

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