Do you consider posting/pinning the "Happy Holidays From Steemit!" blog post as a spam?

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This is my second poll on dPoll.

I ask this, because @trumpman wrote this yesterday in a comment under that blog post: "Stop pinning spam on my feed you incompetent assholes".

He got this reply from @thecryptodrive: "@trumpman @drutter, people complain Steemit doesn’t communicate but when they do they get trolled, I do agree it shouldn’t have been pinned but in reality is owned by Steemit Inc so they have a right to pin their own communication. Look at least they are trying, I appreciated the sentiment, most companies that care wish their customers a happy holidays."

What I think? I think wishing Happy Holidays in a blog post and pinning that blog post is a nice gesture from Steemit. I don't consider it as a spam. Steemit should not be attacked because of this. Happy Holidays!

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No, that is not spam. Happy Holidays! (86.67%) 13 / 15
86.67% Complete (success)
Yes, that (pinning it) is spam. (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)
Yes, that (posting and pinning it) is spam. (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)

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